Ammonia transshipment

Technical capabilities of the terminal allow of transshipment of up to 4 300 000 MT per year. The terminal facilities take in and refrigerate the ammonia produced at OPP and that incoming from other plants of Ukraine and Russia both through the ammonia pipeline Togliatti - Gorlovka - Odessa and by railroad tank cars. The installed equipment allows the sea tankers to be loaded with ammonia at a rate of 2000 MT/hr.

The transshipment facilities have 4 isothermal tanks for storage of liquid ammonia with a capacity of 30 000 MT each. So as to enhance the reliability and security level the ammonia tanks were outfitted with an acoustic emission monitoring system.

Rolls-Royce gas turbine engines installed in the ammonia compressors drives were replaced with engines manufactured by the company Zorya-Mashproyekt and their gas exhausts were fitted with heat recovery boilers to produce steam and to heat water. A state-of-the-art microprocessor-aided control system was successfully implemented.