Публичное акционерное общество «Одесский припортовый завод» (далее - АО «ОПЗ») объявляет процедуру отбора компании для заключения контракта по переработке давальческого природного газа в аммиак и карбамид.

Предлагаем заинтересованным компаниям направить свои предложения, с предоставлением выполнения обязательных условий, касаемо переработки давальческого природного газа на АО «ОПЗ» до 14-00 по Киевскому времени 21.09.2018 г. на e-mail: general@opz.odessa.ua. В случае необходимости проведения предварительных переговоров возможна организация рабочих встреч на АО «ОПЗ» в период до 21.09.2018 г. в рабочие дни с 10-00 до 15-00 по Киевскому времени. Для уточнения времени проведения переговоров и решения других организационных вопросов просим предварительно обращаться на e-mail: general@opz.odessa.ua, office@opz.odessa.ua



The main commodity produced by the Plant - liquid ammonia - was awarded the State Quality Mark.


Urea manufactured by OPP was awarded the State Quality Mark.


OPP was awarded the Golden Star of Europe by the International Entrepreneurs Association for commitment to quality and for dependability in business.


OPP became a member of International Fertilizer Industry Association/


OPP was awarded an Honorary Certificate of International open rating of popularity and quality of goods and services named Golden Fortune.

The Plant was entered into the Golden Book of Ukrainian business elite.


At the All-Ukraine rating exhibition Best National Manufacturer - 2002" OPP was awarded the Winner Certificate.


Based on an evaluation of financial performance for the year 2003, OPP was granted a credit rating of 5?2 – the highest (possible for any Ukrainian entity and enterprise) rating from the Corporation Dun & Brandstreet.

The Plant became a prize-winner of chemical branch business rating Chemical Industry leader in the category Biggest output.

Ministry for Environmental Protection of Ukraine and Executive Committee of Odessa City Council awarded OPP the Green Certificate of Honor for the important contribution to green areas creation.

OPP personnel was awarded an honorary Golden Mark and Merits Certificate from Sts. Peter and Paul Academy in Rome for the contribution to trade relations, cooperation and humanitarian activity.


The Central Council of Chemical industry trade union of Ukraine awarded OPP a Certificate of Merit for winning the contest for the title of Best Enterprise in chemical and petrochemical industry marking the occasion of a professional holiday - the country-wide Chemical Worker's Day.

The Plant was awarded World Quality Commitment International Star Awards Paris 2005 prize for business prestige and products quality – the prize had been established by an independent organization Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.).

The Plant became a prize-winner of national business rating in the nomination for Branch Leader.


OPP was among the winners of All-Ukraine production quality contest (in commodities and services) 100 best Ukrainian commodities in the category industrial purpose products, where the urea and ammonia made at the Plant were voted the best products.

The Plant was awarded a Certificate of Honor as Best tax-payer of Ukraine from the Ukrainian Tax-payers association.

The Plant was awarded a Certificate of Honor from the State Department for industrial safety and labor protection and from the State Inspectorate in recognition of the high level of occupational safety and low accident frequency rate.

The Plant was voted the Winner of the All-Ukraine contest for the title of Leader of the fuel-and-power sector 2006 (category of energy saving projects)


OPP got International Millennium Award - for innovatory excellence and effective use of state-of-the-art technologies

The Plant was awarded a Laureate Certificate in All-Ukraine rating of professional achievements Leader of Ukraine – 2007 and a medal Industrial Branch Leader.


The Plant was awarded a certificate of merit and Golden Quality Certificate along with a right to use the symbols of the international Global Quality Promotion Programme.

OPP became a holder of the honorable distinction Safe facilities - Decoration for sanitary and epidemiological security from the National sanitary and epidemiological Service

OPP won the competition for the title of Best enterprise in chemical and petrochemical industry


As a result of taking part in All-Ukraine contest TOP POWER EFFCIENCY the Plant was granted a Testimonial by the Ukrainian National agency for effective use of energy resources.


The Plant was awarded aBusiness Partner certificate from the Ukrainian National committee of the International Chamber of Commerce