Public Joint Stock Company Odessa Port Plant (hereinafter as PJSC OPP) announces Selection Process of the Company to conclude Tolling Contract on natural gas processing into ammonia and urea.

We propose to Interest Companies to send their Offers, including submission of compliance with compulsory requirements concerning toll NG processing, to PJSC OPP e-mail: no later than 2:00 p.m. (GMT+3) on September 21, 2018. In case there is necessity to hold preliminary negotiations, working meetings can be organized at PJSC OPP during working days from 10:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. (GMT+3) before September, 21, 2018. If you have questions concerning negotiation timing and other organizational issues, we kindly ask you to contact us in advance at:;


About Odessa Port Plant

Construction of Odessa Port Plant had begun as far back as 1975, and since1978 the Plant has been putting out its products. The principal purpose of the enterprise is production of ammonia, urea and of some other chemical by-products. The Plant also does the transshipping of products made by other enterprises from Ukraine and Russia, such as: ammonia, urea, methanol, and UAN They come to OPP transshipment terminals by railway or through a 2471 km long pipeline Togliatti-Gorlovka-Odessa.

Odessa Port Plant consists of:

  • two ammonia production units with a design capacity of 450 000 MT/year each;
  • two urea production units with a design capacity of 330 000 MT/year each;
  • an ammonia transshipment terminal with a capacity of 4 300 000 MT/year having storage facilities for 120 000 MT;
  • an urea transshipment terminal with a capacity of 5 000 000 MT/year having storage facilities for 80 000 MT;
  • a methanol transshipment terminal with a capacity of 1 000 000 MT/year having storage facilities for 48 000 MT;
  • an UAN transshipment terminal with a capacity of 500 000 MT/year having storage facilities for 36 000 MT;
  • and some other production, repair shops and departments.

OPP occupies a total area of approximately 250 ha.

The Plant products are in demand on the domestic market, but they are mostly exported - about 85% are shipped to more than 30 countries around the world.

As a result of systematic process equipment revamping and retrofitting, process improvements, introduction of new machinery, automatic control systems upgrade, energy saving measures, state-of-the-art technical service, personnel preparation, cutting down of expenses, to say nothing of the general efficiency engineering, the Plant now operates at production rates well above its design capacities. Production rate of ammonia units amounts to 125% of the design capacity, while the urea units operate at 127% of their design capacity. These rates are the best among all the CIS countries. Two ammonia units supposed to produce yearly 900 000 MT of liquid ammonia are now producing more than 1 million tons. While two urea units with a total design capacity of 660 000 MT/year are actually producing more than 800 thousand tons.

OPP takes a lot of measures aimed at energy saving. They result in production increase being accompanied by energy consumption reduction in terms of specific consumption per ton of product. As of today Odessa Port Plant has the lowest specific consumption of natural gas among the chemical plants in Ukraine.

Revamping and retrofitting are carried out in cooperation with different companies from all over the world (France, Germany, Italy, USA, Denmark etc.).

OPP is a member of IFA and actively collaborates with other members.

Odessa Port Plant pays great attention to its social program considering it as an integral part of production process. OPP has developed a complex occupational social system aimed at providing its employees with decent living and working conditions that include: highly automated production facilities with advanced workplace conveniences; opportunities for cultural development, sporting activities, good rest environment; health care facilities; supplement payments to the Plant pensioners, invalid people, large families, single mothers; helping employees with housing problems and the like.

OPP Director – Mr. Valery S. Gorbatko - has worked at the Plant for over 30 years.

V.S.Gorbatko – received a lot of State awards, he is also “Merited employee of Ukrainian industry”, a State Prize laureate, Honorary Citizen of the cities of Odessa and Yuzhny.

Continuous and stable improvement of performance indicators of Odessa Port Plant has resulted first of all from the implementation of a long-term program of socio-economic development at the enterprise.